An unparalleled fixture in the business world, Parker is a distinguished branding consultant, editor and creative director, known for his effortless take on conceptualizing branding strategies and execution. Having immersed himself in technology and business , Parker has been heralded as a creative prodigy and a influential force working today. As a Los Angeles-based consultant and influencer, his illustrious career has flourished as he has continually proven himself to be an integral part in shaping brands. Parker is respected for his comprehensive knowledge on branding, social media and execution.


Today, as a freelance consultant, he makes his exceptional taste and expertise accessible to his growing audience. Introduced to the world of modern art at a very young age, Parker found himself deeply affected by the intricacies of personal style and business development. As a young boy with a strong passion for all things technology, fashion and business, Parker began working along with a small team to build Fashion Odds Magazine as a Fashion editor/Journalist. Seeking to diversify his experience, he quickly developed a name for himself as a trusted curator.


In an effort to further expand his direct relationship with his audience and share his knowledge and expertise, Parker launched the website , a free daily newsletter and site featuring his latest obsessions in the ever-evolving worlds of fashion, business and lifestyle in March. 2014.


Parker continues pushing into new arenas. “The secret to Parker’s success is the absolute clarity of his taste and passion for his clients and projects.