Hey Guys,

Style isn’t about how much the item cost, its about how well you rocked it!! my mission when it comes to blogging is to inspire you all to dress your best but with the wallet and lifestyle budget!. Some of my favorite pieces are from the thrift store, there is nothing wrong with purchasing pre-owned clothing, for the most part even the clothing you’ve tried on at a department store could be a returned item or tried on by 50+ people, so don’t over think it.

Any-who the Vest is from Jachs NY, the Pants Cotton ON and the shoes Dr. Martens, the hat Vivienne Westwood. I love this look because its borderline flashy but still very neutral  because of the subtle rich tones. Easy ways to get this look is find a statement blazer or vest in prints but neutral rich tones i.e. beige, greens, brown.

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