Dubbed ‘Labels Are For Clothes’, the candy-coloured campaign, shot by photographer Richard Burbridge and styled by Ondine Azoulay, challenges consumers to leave labels to the clothes, rather than the people wearing them.

Featuring a diverse range of models who have all fallen victim to outdated social stereotypes at some point in their life, each shot features a tongue-in-cheek care label with empowering ‘instructions’ for reclaiming the labels often applied to them by a close-minded society.


Included in the campaign line-up was yours truly!  and body positivity activist Sabina who appears next to the message ‘Do not shrink’, Stav Strashko, who was born male, affirming that she is ‘100% woman’, and Zara, who is of Pakistani heritage, wears a hijab and lives in London, and commands that you ‘do not stereotype’ her.

To celebrate their birthday and mark the launch of the campaign, River Island have released a capsule collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts championing their message of inclusivity. £3 from each sale will be donated to international anti-bullying charity, Ditch the Label.

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